Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Short Shorts!


Kick through freeze thaw leaves
and snowmen. Meteoric
lilies. The universe.


The pink fingernail
weeps vineyards of red iron
where there is no tear-duct.

Some days

Even little cranes need help
folded tightly on the wooden desk
where wind or breath might blow them off.


The midsection of a tall portly horse.
The relentless pursuit of cats.
Sometimes the frontal edge of a cyclone.

Look Out! I’ve Just Sacredized Aspen!

The people who visit
are possessed by the spirits
of birds. A juncture
of seemingly disconnected,
but related, things.

More Room to Fail

Mad freedom, mad failure,
too mad to fall or fail.
Look out! I’ve just sacredized Aspen again!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

touching, sweet strong
you drop into the long
draw me out heart
sing me your calling song
you've given me
a sense to belong
what sense this is I think I know
It comes from combined life
now long gone
once forgotten,now far a long